Exit Ingress III

Consider this: That the undetermined somewhere, what E calls a place – the whereabouts of which is yet to be identified as a certain and specific location, one that may be designated as somehow singular – that this somewhere may be deigned (despite its own undetermined whereabouts) the favourable location in which the question should emerge, and thus, that it should be considered a place more or less favourable, more, that is, than any other location, former or latter, this remains to be established. Somehow its whereabouts were sufficiently vague enough a location for him to wander into, on foot, and hence, once thereabouts, a location equally favourable for him to encounter the emerging question.

What wonder, E thought, anchored to the spot for an instant, mother of all places – which is to say nowhere, given his incapacity to cite the exact location with clarity. Though of this his Mother, God doubtless, knows less.

What wonder, E declaimed!

This, E said to himself, his shadow brushing up (without realising it, then) ever so lightly against the door of ingress, so E claims.

Was I, E asked? And there Es shadow halted. Was I what, E retorted, his feet poised to exit? Can I enter ingress without a question through which to exit? E had heard this line of enquiry stated elsewhere, formulated in a discourse which E claims to have listened to attentively. The formulation that came to him arose on an air spoken by some other illiterate yet lettered person, that is to say, the line of enquiry was not a reasoning of his own grey formulation, and insomuch was allegedly spoken sometime before, while E was previously out wandering, elsewhere.

Now, wondering after the beginning, E told himself that E must have heard it some place or other, heard it said, enunciated, that is; and therefore, E, it follows, must have been there too, in person, must have been there beforehand, indeed been there, sometime earlier, in the past, if you will, been on the other side of the keyhole sometime before the question emerged; and then E must have forgotten the when and the wherefore. It appears that all E claims to be able to recall, with the most meagre form of precision, is a vague remembrance of the aforesaid question. Can I enter ingress without a question through which to exit? This fact E would swear to, solemnly, even curse informally, if E were formally asked to. E knew nothing of the door. Much less of ingress. As for the question, it had, after its own fashion, E claimed, merely emerged. The emergence of which, E claims, gave him grounds to exit. Of this E is most formal.

written.work.Copyright© 2011-2012. All rights reserved

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