Highgate Tragedy IV


Now is, again, as was before, over, then again far more;

Risen surely to decline, close-hauled to tack the hegemonic line.

Afore the mast! Hale! Wholesale plethora – and panic shall prevail!

All hands chained to wind and lace – immemorial dictate of the order:

Thrice eulogized,

From City to borough,

From parlour to agora,

From Chapel to Tower,

From the Hudson to Mooi River,

Yesterday’s prologue, today’s terror, for tomorrow’s new diaspora.

Alas! Behold the scene: a commonplace tragicomedy

– of daylight thespians impoverished by Chronic Normality!


An effete shoulder, an epaulette, a mantle cut too slim, pockets flounced, lining annexed, collar itching thin; fire fleeced, hunger tamed, buttons broke with woe, and a proud scarf tied to name, obsequious, Same & Co.

written.work.Copyright© 2011-2012. All rights reserved

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