Highgate Tragedy V


Us: Immolated fossils, entombed by the day,

Petrified by currency, by resin and blue clay.

Us: Infants of despair and surrogates by choice,

Cradled by the ersatz of symphony and voice.

Us: Peddlers of tincture, retailers by all means,

Minions of the crowd, dyed by ought and deed.

Us: Anonymous holograms, startled in the night,

Yearning for intensity, for amplitude and light.

Us: Vacillating tendrils, wire-drawn by the load,

Coiling from the honeysuckle, clinging to the goad.


We the ecumenical, the federated and bestrewn,

Harnessed to the magma of day’s tackle and garlands due.

written.work.Copyright© 2011-2012. All rights reserved

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